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MindPeace Clinics have a success rate of nearly 75% for patients with depression and treatment-resistant depression.

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Founded in 2017, MindPeace Clinics is the culmination of decades of experience in Emergency Medicine and the frustration of seeing the traditional treatment options available to those with suicidal ideations and or mental health and mood disorders. Through research, the success that patients were having with ketamine infusion therapy was discovered. Convinced this could be the breakthrough people needed, MindPeace opened a clinic for patients suffering from Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders. MindPeace Clinics’ first location was in Arlington, Virginia. Following this success, MindPeace expanded the practice to serve those in Richmond, Virginia, in 2018 and Norfolk, Virginia, in 2020. Since 2017, MindPeace has treated over a thousand patients, completed over 10,000 infusions, and never lost focus on its fundamental values: service to patients, health and safety of all, and providing a platinum standard of care for others.

From the beginning, MindPeace Clinics has positioned itself as the benchmark in treatment for our patients. MindPeace is a medical clinic that uses current, topical research to guide treatment. Furthermore, MindPeace Clinics has added to this research by publishing the results compiled and collected during the initial years that the clinic doors were open.

MindPeace Clinics believes in a physician-led treatment team to ensure the highest quality care for clients. All physicians are board-certified in Emergency Medicine or Anesthesiology. Registered nurses with either Emergency Medicine or Intensive Care experience complement the physicians. This team, coupled with modern medical technology, creates an environment of trust and understanding to serve the patient best.

Recognizing the difficult journey many patients have gone through before coming to us, MindPeace Clinics strives to exceed expectations. From the first contact to the end of treatment, our goal is to treat our patients with compassion, honesty, and professionalism. Our clinics are designed to provide a relaxing and calming environment. MindPeace Clinics believes our obligation to our patients is our top priority.

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Our Success


MindPeace Clinics specializes in treating mood disorders (depression, suicidal ideations, anxiety, and PTSD), chronic headaches, migraines, and chronic pain syndromes with ketamine therapy. From its inception, MindPeace Clinics has measured our success one patient at a time. Since 2017, MindPeace Clinics has treated over 1,000 patients and administered over 10,000 infusions. We use a series of clinically validated surveys to assess a patient’s progress as they move through the treatment. As we have grown, we have collected one of the most clinically significant data sets available about the effectiveness of Intravenous Racemic Ketamine Infusions. In the November/December 2022 edition of The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, a group of researchers independently reviewed and published the results from the data provided by MindPeace Clinics.

The study concluded that MindPeace treatments effectively reduced symptoms of suicidal ideations and gestures, treatment-resistant depression, and generalized anxiety. The overall results of this study showed 72% of patients responded (50% or more resolution of symptoms) and 38% were in remission for depression after ten infusions.  Eighty five percent of patients experienced complete resolution of suicidal ideations after 15 infusions. The success of this study was noticed and picked up by multiple news outlets, including The Washington Post, CNN, WebMD, and the Daily Mail. 

The Washington Post covered a more intimate perspective, highlighting several of our patients. These stories are representative of many of the struggles and successes that our patients experience through the treatment process. We invite you to review these publications to learn more about Ketamine Infusion Therapy and MindPeace Clinics. MindPeace is proud of our success and looks forward to continuing to help each of our patients.  Other ketamine articles here

Our Reviews


We understand that for many, the subject of mental health is still difficult to discuss. Some of our patients have taken the time to share their experiences with MindPeace Clinics.  We are grateful for all of their kind words and feedback so that we can continue to put our patients first.  

Patients have shared their testimonials from our Central Virginia Clinic, serving Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, and our Hampton Roads Clinic serving Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Norfolk, and our Northern Virginia Clinic serving Arlington, Alexandria, and Washington D.C.

MindPeace was an excellent choice for my first Ketamine treatment! All their nurses and doctors were super friendly and made me feel as comfortable as possible. After suffering with depression for years and suicidal thoughts, i no longer have those issues after the infusions. I would give 10 stars if I could! Highly recommend this place.
Mindpeace clinic has been the foundation for my mental health since I began ketamine infusions 3 years ago. My symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood swings, and suicidal ideation have significantly decreased, especially in combination with a daily antidepressant and weekly talk therapy.The care team at Mindpeace really appear passionate about the work they’re doing. The nurses are calming and kind. Dr. Oliver is open to any questions and/or suggestions regarding your treatment. Overall, I have always felt safe and understood while receiving my treatments at Mindpeace.
Caring and helpful staff who were very attentive and worked hard to make me feel comfortable during treatment. If ketamine is right for you, this is the place to get it.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review!
My wife Kayla was treated here. Her mood and quality of life has improved tremendously since starting and I can't give this place enough stars. Highly recommend it.
I’ve gone to MindPeace clinics for many months now and it is always a good experience. The nurses and doctors there are always nice and very caring and attentive, the rooms are super comfortable, and the treatment is outstanding. Ketamine treatments have allowed me reduce my daily medication regimen and the results are truly night-and-day. I highly recommend going to MindPeace, either in Norfolk or Richmond (I’ve been to both clinics) as they are both fantastic locations with amazing staff. If you’ve never looked into ketamine treatments but have treatment-resistant depression, MindPeace is the perfect place to explore it as an option for augmenting your treatment regimen.
I am someone who has struggled with depression and trauma for my whole adult life. When I learned about ketamine, I wondered if it might be the answer I was looking for. I met with Dr. Oliver and he explained that the treatments could actually stimulate my own brain to restore some of the cells that depression had taken from me (described by me in laymen's terms, of course) through years of trauma, stress and depression. Dr. Oliver did a complete examination, explained things thoroughly to me, and answered all my questions. I felt so comfortable with him that I decided to take the plunge and move forward with a series of treatments.I learned that Dr. Oliver, Amy, Megan, and the whole staff at MindPeace are warriors for the ketamine movement. Dr. Oliver believes in what he does and he is a champion for getting this treatment into the hands of as many people as possible. The staff there is kind, professional, gentle, and understanding. There is nothing to fear, even though the treatments might be a bit disconcerting for someone who is not comfortable relinquishing control or experiencing something a bit out of the norm. The staff puts you at ease, is with you at all times, and is prepared for any eventuality that may occur.After the first treatment, I felt a change. A small one, but enough to make me hopeful. With each subsequent treatment, I knew that the ketamine was doing something. It was as though it was moving through my mind, unclogging tired pathways and restoring me to myself somehow. I can't fully explain how it worked, but I can gratefully and joyfully say that these treatments have restored my mind and soul to a state that I cannot remember feeling before in my adult life. It's as though I have myself back, and I have the chance to get to know myself again and live my life as a whole person with the baggage of depression lifted from my soul.I have finished my treatments now and will go back as needed to keep the good feelings going. I have spoken with my therapist to discuss tapering off my antidepressants after a few weeks, just to allow this ketamine joy to settle and not change too many things at once. I can honestly say that my experience with MindPeace and Dr. Oliver has been one of the very best, most inspired experiences of my life. After the first few visits, I asked my nurse for a handful of pamphlets and business cards so I could take them with me wherever I went and share my happiness with people, letting them know that this wonderful treatment now exists for people, whereas antidepressants used to be their only option. It is absolutely a game changer, delivered by the amazing people at MindPeace. So if you are suffering from depression as I was, I urge you not to waste even one more day suffering. There is help, joy, and peace out there for you. Take care.
MindPeace Clinics, have done a lot to change my life for the better. I heard about Ketamine through a friend who’s depression was markedly improved after the 6 initial treatments.My experience was similar, my mood lifted after the first session. Dr Oliver, and staff, were the utmost in professionalism, and the clinic is a really pleasant experience.I am so glad I got the opportunity to treat my lifelong depression and become mentally healthier with a renewed sense of hope.
I was in a bad place and thought might as well try this, it can't hurt. People say there is no magic pill, but the infusions were my magic pill. I was skeptical at first, but not only could I tell a difference in myself but others could as well. I had forgotten what it felt like not to be angry, annoyed, sad and over-all negative constantly. It feels wonderful and I'm glad it helped me so much. I don't write or read reviews but hopefully this will help someone else.Good luck
Prayers answered, thank you Lord God! 🙂 What a true blessing from God this place has been:) After 20 years of suffering from Depression and trying just about everything under the sun, I am now almost completely cured:) Besides Christian prayer, and some ECT in Raleigh, NC (which quickly brought me out of the depression ‘hole’) I have found that MindPeace Clinics in Norfolk, VA (which gradually brought me the pre-depression ‘happiness’) has been the final beneficial touch and help to me by almost completely eliminating Depression, Depersonalization, Dissociation, Suicidal Ideation, the loss of my Father, Anxiety, OCD, and other ailments, and also *an unexpected bonus* lifelong chronic headaches (Migraines, Tension headaches, etc.) through Ketamine treatments (mainly I/V but also at-home nasal sprays). A very special THANK YOU to ALL the Doctors, Nurses, and staff (including, but not limited to, Dr’s Oliver Levin and Morton, Nurse’s Amy and Megan, the Receptionist, ALL the onsite staff, even ALL the offsite staff including Mallory and Sharon, and all others not included (so many to be thankful for) and EVERYBODY involved:) To anyone reading this, rest assured, YES there is HOPE - through Christ Jesus foremost… and MindPeace Clinics:) Don’t suffer any longer, you don’t have to, call them NOW and start your NEW BEST LIFE NOW! 🙂
Dr. Oliver, Dr. Levin and the entire Mind Peace Clinic staff have been nothing but amazing helping me through my journey to getting better. I have battled depression, anxiety and PTSD most if my life. I've tried every medication and modality available but to no avail. I finally found something that eases my suffering more than anything else ever did.The entire staff has been kind, caring and professional through each visit. They make sure to answer any questions or concerns I've had. They also promptly get back to me for anything that arises outside of my office visit. I'm so grateful to have found them and will continue to be a patient of Mind Peace Clinics as long as needed.The major factor that attracted me to them was that they offer all 3 types of ketamine treatments-IV, nasal spray and lozenges. I appreciate having various options to aid in my recovery.I can't thank them enough for what they've done! I highly recommend them to anyone considering this form of treatment!!
Choosing a clinic for ketamine infusions is a very important decision. Peace Mind Clinics provide a safe and fully monitored procedure with the utmost concern for the patient.The doctors are the best in the business along with the nursing team who assures a comfortable infusion experience.I have been a patient for years now and I can assure you that you will receive the highest level of professionalism and compassion. All the safety measures are taken seriously and performed at every appointment.

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