New Treatment for PTSD with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine treatment for PTSD

Veterans Day is a yearly reminder to honor those who have served in the armed forces.  It pays tribute to all American veterans who bravely served their country. Serving in defence of one’s nation is the ultimate sacrifice; men and women give up time with their families, leave their homes, risk their lives and many … Read more

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Dr. Oliver, nurse, lobby MindPeace

When patients first reach out to MindPeace Clinics, located in Arlington, Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, one of their first questions is “What is Ketamine?” Many patients have little to no experience with this medication in a medical setting, and want to learn more before moving forward with this potentially life changing treatment. Ketamine balances brain chemicals and … Read more

What is Depression?

Dr. Oliver, & Patient

Many people tend to ignore depression, thinking it’s the same as the ordinary blues. They think that, like the blues, their depression will lift on its own. But clinical depression isn’t the same as just feeling a bit down, and it seldom improves without treatment. Patrick A. Oliver, M.D. and the staff of physicians at MindPeace … Read more