About MindPeace Clinics

Our Amazing Clinics

Founded in 2017 after working for many years in the Emergency Department and frequently encountering suicidal and depressed patients, MindPeace sought something to help. After researching the success that patients were experiencing with Ketamine infusion therapy. 

Convinced this could help, MindPeace opened a clinic for patients suffering from Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain Syndromes, and Chronic Headaches. MindPeace Clinics’ first location was in Arlington, Virginia. After that, MindPeace Clinics expanded to Richmond, Virginia, in 2018 and Norfolk, Virginia, in 2020. Since 2017, MindPeace has had the opportunity to treat over a thousand patients, completed over 10,000 infusions, and never lost focus on our fundamental values of putting patients first

From the beginning, MindPeace Clinics has positioned itself as the benchmark in treatment for our patients. MindPeace is a medical clinic that uses relevant research to guide treatment. Further, MindPeace Clinics has added to this research by publishing our results. MindPeace Clinics believes in a physician lead treatment team.  All physicians are board-certified in emergency medicine or anesthesiology. Registered nurses with either Emergency Medicine or Intensive Care experience complement the physicians. This team, coupled with modern medical technology, ensures our patients receive the highest level of care.

With the recognition of the difficult journey many patients have gone through before coming to us, MindPeace Clinics strives to exceed expectations. From the first contact to the end of treatment, our goal is to treat our patients with compassion, honesty, and professionalism. Our clinics are designed to provide a relaxing and calming environment. MindPeace Clinics takes our obligation to our patients as our top priority.