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Our patients have a lot of positive things to say about their experiences with ketamine therapeutics at MindPeace Clinics. You can read some of their testimonials below.
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C. A.


Submitted 9/13/22

I was receiving IV infusion therapy while Active Duty Army based in Germany at a Military Treatment Facility. Upon conclusion of my service of over 20 years, I vetted around 7 ketamine treatment centers along the East Coast before coming back across the pond. What made Mind Peace different? Their unparalleled staff is the answer. They promptly answered phones, returned emails, and Sharon was able to answer all clinically relevant questions with the precision of a seasoned RN which she is. Their administrative team, Samantha and Chloe, were always friendly and accommodating. Brittany and Emily were RN’s that had incredible empathy, and elaborate clinical back-rounds during the induction of the treatments. Dr. Oliver has been one of the most professional MD’s I have worked with utilizing mood monitoring, insightful labs, and his charismatic personality. Coming from a clinical background as a Registered Respiratory Therapist with ACCS and NPS that has worked with high risk labor and delivery OBGYN to Pulmonologists at the front of the pandemic, that says a lot. Dr. Oliver, and Dr. Coyner value patient interaction, and your point of view. Safety, value, ease of scheduling, are other high points to be aware of. There are no disappointments with Mind Peace.

Chris J.


Submitted 9/12/22

The team at Mindpeace Clinics provided me with a full series of treatments and boosters in a safe, supportive environment, adjusting my dose as necessary and responding effectively to side effects. Sharon and Sarah also helped me complete my insurance paper work and get that successfully submitted as this treatment was related to an accident that was not my fault. The ketamine experience was transformative for headaches and PTSD/Depression related to the accident and I would highly recommend if you are considering it for either.

Teri L.


Submitted 9/01/22

MindPeace Clinics, have done a lot to change my life for the better. I heard about Ketamine through a friend who’s depression was markedly improved after the 6 initial treatments. My experience was similar, my mood lifted after the first session. Dr Oliver, and staff, were the utmost in professionalism, and the clinic is a really pleasant experience. I am so glad I got the opportunity to treat my lifelong depression and become mentally healthier with a renewed sense of hope.

Adam O.


Submitted 8/23/22

I was in a bad place and thought might as well try this, it can't hurt. People say there is no magic pill, but the infusions were my magic pill. I was skeptical at first, but not only could I tell a difference in myself but others could as well. I had forgotten what it felt like not to be angry, annoyed, sad and over-all negative constantly. It feels wonderful and I'm glad it helped me so much. I don't write or read reviews but hopefully this will help someone else. Good luck.

Joe G.


Submitted 8/04/22

This is THE place for ketamine treatment in Tidewater at the Norfolk location. Everything from initial appointments to follow ups are extremely professional. The receptionists at the front desk are very kind, welcoming and helpful with any questions I have had. The nurses go above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable for all of my treatments. The doctors are professional and very knowledgable while still making it feel like a welcome environment. I am very fortunate to have found MindPeace.

Mike D.


Submitted 7/27/22

Prayers answered, thank you Lord God! 🙂 What a true blessing from God this place has been:) After 20 years of suffering from Depression and trying just about everything under the sun, I am now almost completely cured:) Besides Christian prayer, and some ECT in Raleigh, NC (which quickly brought me out of the depression ‘hole’) I have found that MindPeace Clinics in Norfolk, VA (which gradually brought me the pre-depression ‘happiness’) has been the final beneficial touch and help to me by almost completely eliminating Depression, Depersonalization, Dissociation, Suicidal Ideation, the loss of my Father, Anxiety, OCD, and other ailments, and also *an unexpected bonus* lifelong chronic headaches (Migraines, Tension headaches, etc.) through Ketamine treatments (mainly I/V but also at-home nasal sprays). A very special THANK YOU to ALL the Doctors, Nurses, and staff (including, but not limited to, Dr’s Oliver Levin and Morton, Nurse’s Amy and Megan, the Receptionist, ALL the onsite staff, even ALL the offsite staff including Mallory and Sharon, and all others not included (so many to be thankful for) and EVERYBODY involved:) To anyone reading this, rest assured, YES there is HOPE - through Christ Jesus foremost… and MindPeace Clinics:) Don’t suffer any longer, you don’t have to, call them NOW and start your NEW BEST LIFE NOW!

Joelle J.


Submitted 7/09/22

Dr Oliver is the BEST! I went from extremely severe depression and anxiety and after 9 infusions I just did my weekly test and I'm in the green!!! Not mild but NONE! Of you have TRD and Anxiety like I do you have got to call Dr Oliver!

Loretta S.


Submitted 06/30/22

My 17yr old daughter who has CRPS/TOS from comp. swimming has found great results with ketamine-- the difference between being able to have some kind of a life and go to school, versus not being able to even attend school- so thankful we found this! And this office is superb-- such nice staff (Dr. Oliver and all the nurses, and front desk) and a comfortable place to be for the hours that the infusion takes place- I don't have any suggestions to improve it- as it is great!



Submitted 03/24/22

Treatment-resistant anxiety/depression is real. For over 30 years, I struggled with severe anxiety and depression. Traditional therapies provided some help to keep a 'normal' life. Yet, day after day and year after year, I could not be happy. Life was a constant battle. But, now that I discovered Ketamine infusion therapy, life has a whole new meaning. A meaning of hope. There is no more darkness at the end of the tunnel. There is light, a bright light that is taking away my fears. From the initial infusion, I finally felt relief. A relief that I never dreamed possible. I am thankful for Dr. Oliver and Mind Peace clinics for giving me my life back. I was insane for most of my life. Why? Because I kept doing the same thing, using traditional therapies, expecting different results. But, I am sane once again, thanks to Ketamine infusion therapy.

Kay J.


Submitted 1/14/22

I was highly skeptical that ketamine would help me. After all, I had completed years of therapy and was on multiple antidepressants. This just seemed too good to be true and honestly just an excuse to trip. However, I read a few different studies and the science does exist, even if we can't explain it all yet. My husband convinced me to schedule a consultation appointment, and he and I met Dr. Oliver. He was very knowledgeable and even took the time to show us the monitors, code cart, and explain procedures in place should something go wrong. I don't say that to scare anyone off; I greatly appreciated knowing that should something happen, the staff of RNs, paramedics, and the MD would have the ability to act quickly to correct it. That said, Dr. Oliver assured us that complications related to ketamine infusions are very rare. I would much rather a facility have medications and not need them than the opposite. The scheduling process was a bit complicated since we had to work around holidays, but everyone was completely understanding and the whole process seemed very well organized (especially compared to anything else in healthcare). Arriving for my first appointment was also completely straightforward. I recommend bringing a blanket, noise cancelling headphones, and someone you trust. They titrate the dose to effect, so the first dose was weaker and I was not completely "out". I didn't have headphones then, so I would intermittently hear a conversation in the hall and started to feel paranoid and panic. My husband and the RN quickly calmed me down, and I didn't have any other issues. I felt a little high leaving, but the effects wore off quickly. What didn't fade was the feeling that I was no longer trapped. My depression had made me feel that I was all alone in a room with no windows or doors. I was still depressed, but it was like there was a ladder that I had never noticed before. Suicide was not my only option. I have now completed 6 scheduled sessions and one maintenance ("booster") dose after a month, and cannot recommend it enough. I feel like a completely different person than the one who showed up for that consultation. It is not cheap, but was worth every penny in my opinion if you truly feel suicidal. My only complaint/surprise was that it seemed that mask compliance depended on who the MD du jour was. Otherwise I highly recommend Mind Peace to anyone suffering from depression.

Tara P.


Submitted 12/02/21

Mindpeace Clinics provides an alternative and safe treatment option that has greatly improved my quality of life from chronic pain and intense migraines. The staff is attentive and caring. I can't say enough good things about the practice and have encouraged others to seek this therapy.

Willy N.


Submitted 11/18/21

A pleasant and professional experience + they let you watch Netflix.

Jay T.


Submitted 8/09/21

A novel treatment for depression that has potential for long term remission (38%), highly effective (72%), and works rapidly? I said to myself, “Yeah, right. No way.” And I couldn’t have been more wrong. As a scientist who has struggled with depression and anxiety most of my adult life, getting little relief from any medication in the past, I was especially critical of something that seemed too good to be true. But I had become suicidal after the worst year of my life: 2020. All within a month of each other, I suffered countless, devastating losses: my dog, my health, and my home. Exhausted, I began to fantasize about ending my life, eventually acting on those feelings and more than once, unsuccessfully. I also suffer from severe PTSD, OCD, and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I had nothing more to lose. I wasn’t even getting out of bed anymore. Still, I had a grain of sand’s worth of hope left that there must be a way to feel even just a little better and so 4 months ago, I took that last sliver of hope I had left for a better future and used it – I struggled just to sit up in bed to research “Ketamine for depression”. Luckily, I’m well versed in reading and comprehending dense scientific literature. I devoured every study and personal testimony published on the internet imaginable. As a scientist, I needed to see evidence that ketamine would work for my treatment-resistant depression, but more importantly, HOW it worked. Finally, I stumbled upon a video of a ketamine research symposium which, in painfully dense scientific lingo, gave me the answer for which I had been searching: Unlike monoamines (those are our SSRIs/SNRIs), ketamine, when administered in micro-doses upregulates glutamate (an excitatory neurotransmitter) in the brain, which is responsible for repairing damaged dendrites (those branch-like appendages in our brains that allow brain cells to communicate with each other effectively). Glutamate is also responsible for repairing damage to our brains and for keeping serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine in check. Additionally, the GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) is decreased. TWO DAYS after my first infusion, I woke up and felt, well, different. My heart wasn’t aching as badly, my thoughts weren’t as cloudy, the pain of intense grief wasn’t weighing so heavily on my shoulders. I got out of bed. I began to start to live again. I picked back up the things that interested me most within a few DAYS of my second infusion. It’s been about 4 months now and “suicide” isn’t even part of my vocabulary anymore, I haven’t thought of doing something like that once. From the perspective of my family, friends, and everyone with whom I interact honestly, the improvements in my mood were and continue to be HUGE. I had no idea before this treatment how much me being so depressed was weighing down those I love most. Ketamine therapy had other positive effects on my life: My OCD is hardly noticeable, my anxiety is getting BETTER by the day, I’m sleeping better, and all those traumas I mentioned I experienced last year? Well, now they are manageable to deal with, I can confront stressors head-on, and accept the past in a healthy way. Past traumas no longer control nor consume me. I have been able to discontinue several medications without any issue. In fact, every stressor I encounter is now manageable. No, Ketamine hasn’t made me “perfect” nor be able to handle every situation flawlessly, but I can process information and not become so overwhelmed anymore that I can’t function. Life – and happiness seem to come to me more easily. One more thing: that severe brain injury from 6 years ago which nearly obliterated all my working memory? Well, it’s back. My working memory is back and functioning too. I smile more easily, I laugh more easily, I’m once again – and still am – truly alive. If you’ve gotten this far in my review, do yourself or a family member or a friend a favor – get in touch with MindPeace Clinics.

Jennifer F.


Submitted 8/13/21

Mind Peace Clinic was the best that that could have happened to our family. My husband has struggled with anxiety and depression for years. At the point we reached out to Dr. Oliver he was in a very stressful situation at work and was taking 3 anti-anxiety/depression medications and one additional one as needed with minimal relief. He was so far in a hole that he did not have the ability to reach out or do any research himself. He was on the verge of quitting a job that was great opportunity in the long run, but was playing havoc with his anxiety/depression. I reached out to Dr. Oliver and he was able to answer all my questions, my husband was willing to come in for a consult, we had an appointment within days. The consult was very laid back but thorough. He made my husband feel very comfortable. Lab work was completed before the start of any treatment. The scheduling process was easy, the front desk staff compassionate and helpful. As an RN myself I can attest to the knowledge, professionalism, compassion and experience of the nursing staff. I would feel extremely comfortable with any of my family members being cared for by Mind Peace Clinic, Dr.Oliver and the nursing staff. My husband received the 6 infusions and is doing amazing, He remains on one maintenance medication but has come off the other two and has not needed the PRN (as needed) medication since the treatments. The availability of Dr. Oliver in between treatments for questions and concerns is great and the mood tracking lets his see how things are going even when you are not in the office. While it is true that the IV version of the treatment is not covered by insurance for the most part we found that it was worth every penny it cost. Dr. Oliver also is working hard to provide research and data to allow the infusions to be covered by insurance. Dr. Oliver is very upfront about all cost, the potential need for additional treatments (we didn't need any!) and the success rate. I strongly recommend Mind Peace Clinic for the treatment of anxiety and depression and would hate to think where we would be right now without Dr. Oliver's care.

Kim S.


Submitted 11/11/21

Dr. Oliver, Dr. Levin and the entire Mind Peace Clinic staff have been nothing but amazing helping me through my journey to getting better. I have battled depression, anxiety and PTSD most if my life. I've tried every medication and modality available but to no avail. I finally found something that eases my suffering more than anything else ever did. The entire staff has been kind, caring and professional through each visit. They make sure to answer any questions or concerns I've had. They also promptly get back to me for anything that arises outside of my office visit. I'm so grateful to have found them and will continue to be a patient of Mind Peace Clinics as long as needed. The major factor that attracted me to them was that they offer all 3 types of ketamine treatments-IV, nasal spray and lozenges. I appreciate having various options to aid in my recovery. I can't thank them enough for what they've done! I highly recommend them to anyone considering this form of treatment!!

Peter K.


Submitted 11/01/20

I cannot overstate what a miracle this treatment has been for me. After over 30 years of mediocre results from various SSRIs and SNRIs, after 6 infusions, my depression is GONE. Not lessened, muted, or dulled - it's GONE!! I compare it to walking around outside on a foggy day versus a sunny day. The landscape is the same, but my ability to see it unobstructed has changed. Depression "fogs up" and therefore affects every aspect of life. Now that the fog is gone, I can see everything more clearly. Life's frustrations and challenges no longer send me spiraling downward. I'm able to deal with everything realistically and respond appropriately. No more sadness. No more out of control temper. I have a new (rediscovered?) pep to my step. Dr. Oliver and his staff are outstanding - professional, caring, and non-judgmental. The facility is great and the sessions are comfortable and safe. The infusion needle doesn't even hurt and I'm a huge needle-phobe!! If you are suffering like I was, please know that relief is possible. Thank you MindPeace for giving me my life back.

Mark G.


Submitted 10/29/20

I never thought I would be able to admit that I ever needed help with depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety took control of me, as I have always struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, but finally was hit by so much at once that I realized I couldn’t manage through my normal coping mechanisms and I needed help. I came to the Mind Peace Clinic and wasn’t really sure about how or if it could help me. Dr. Oliver was awesome in explaining everything clearly, then assessing my needs, while ensuring it was the right fit for me. It turns it was the right fit and improved my day to day life immensely. Thanks to the Mind Peace Clinic team and Dr Oliver I now know what it feels like to have what many have known as normal days without heavy depression and anxiety.

Michael D.


Submitted 10/28/20

Dr. Oliver and the entire Mind Peace staff were nothing but professional and courteous throughout the entire process. Dr. Oliver took the time to sit down and explain the procedure from beginning to end, and answered my many questions throughout. I never felt as though my questions, or the time spent with me by Dr. Oliver was rushed, or a burden in any way. That in and of itself, is a rare thing these days. Dr. Oliver even spent time speaking with, and answering any questions my wife had separate from mine. They were a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone. Top Notch healthcare services!

Megan B.


Submitted 10/25/20

I have had “medication resistant depression,” for officially 14 years. Multiple different meds, never feeling “normal,” I was feeling hopeless. I didn’t want to know what was the next antidepressant to take and what “wonderful” side effects it was going to have or how I would feel. I feel extremely lucky to have been recommended to ketamine infusions for depression. It’s not cheap, but I have finished the initial course infusions with one booster after a month. They said i’d start feeling better towards the end of the initial course treatments and they weren’t lying. I’m getting out of bed to go do activities, I’m going to work and wanting to interact with people. Everyone could see that I have been happier by my face and overall better attitude. My self care has improved so much. And the daily anguish of anxiety is gone. It’s been absolutely incredible. I will recommend it to everyone. I cannot believe after 14 years of different meds, that I’m barely borderline depressed coming up from severe/major chronic depression. I’ve gotten my life back! I absolutely feel for anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety, it’s miserable. The staff at Mind Peace Clinic are amazing and take such great care of you. You can tell that they genuinely care about their patients!

John C.


Submitted 10/06/20

I had received antidepressant trials for years, but none of them seemed to have much of a significant effect for me. Within the first session that I received Spravato (the nasal spray version of Eskatamine), my mood lifted significantly and, since Ive been getting treatment, Ive been able to maintain a positive mood with the result that my life has been changed significantly for the positive. The best analogy I have come across to describe the effect of Ketamine goes something like this: Imagine your brain is a snow covered hill in which your thoughts make grooves in the snow like the impressions left after snow skiing down the mountain. In cases where negative thoughts abound in the brain, they tend to follow those same grooves/tracks down the mountain with the result that those tracks become very deep and negative thoughts are very powerful and numerous. Then what Ketamine does is to provide a new layer of snow in order to cover those tracks and so ones brain can start to make new associations and more positive "tracks" rather than following the grooves of negative past associations. Regarding MindPeace Clinic-: Dr Oliver is very involved and caring about patients and the nursing staff I worked with were extremely friendly and accommodating. I have a significant phobia when it comes to needles, which prevented me from being able to get IV Ketamine; however, MindPeace was able to give me treatment with Spravato Nasal Spray and I was successfully treated through that method of administration. I highly recommend this practice as well as this treatment.

John W.


Submitted 09/30/20

I have a long personal history of psychological and physical trauma beginning with the migraines that began in grade school in the 70's. The 1978 / 1979 school year at Georgetown Prep traumatized me and I began my adult life with trauma that I buried, and with a baseline depressed mood. In 1982 I had my first concussion, coma, and other injuries in a 60 mph head on collision. I had to get out of the car I was trapped in before I burned to death. Between then and 1987, an important relationship ended, I contended with a bi polar father's severe depression, his attempted suicides, his hospitalization, and the loss of our family's home. In the summer of 1987, I lived through my second near fatality with two broken vertebrate, a severed ulnar nerve, extensive soft tissue injuries to the upper right hand part of my body, extensive injuries to the muscles of the neck, a variety of lacerations, a concussion, and a coma. The day of my return from the hospital, while using two canes and in a clam shell type body cast, I was beaten up. A week later, when getting a ride from a friend, my back would be broken again in a third accident. 1987 marked the year that I began what would become an unproductive odyssey with doctors, physical therapists, scans and specialists of every kind, and hundreds of medicine trials. As I tried to move my life forward, the myofascial pain that began in 1982, and increasing physical dysfunction spread relentlessly throughout my body; migraines became a daily event. The best I ever accomplished was to stay on my feet, until 2017 when I was no longer able to lift my arms above my head. The protocol I had in the summer of 2020 was for chronic pain, although I had other conditions that it might benefit. In less than 30 days, Ketamine accomplished more than other therapies accomplished in almost 40 years. I cut my overall pain levels in half, almost completely eliminated the sciatica while in a standing position, stopped another bout of severe depression from taking me over, and reduced my migraines by about 80%. In the same amount of time that people built fortunes, families, and careers, "conventional" therapies accomplished little, were time intensive, and wasteful. How is it that Ketamine, with no addiction potential, and an established safety record is "unconventional", but the drugs like methadone and Oxycontin that were repeatedly offered to me are acceptable? Ketamine clinics are not a modern day speak-easy disguising access to drug trips; there is no little window where the magic word gets you into the party. My intravenous infusions were performed by trained anesthesiologists from Georgetown, with the aid of a specifically qualified registered nurse each time. The doctors added meds to the chronic pain protocol to control my blood pressure, and added an NSAID for pain, which I otherwise can't tolerate. They staff was very professional. My GP and another doctor turned his nose up at the idea of Ketamine infusions. My mother begged me to stop half way through and a brother advised me to do the same. This was all intellectually invalid overemotional glip glop and discourages patients and practitioners alike from thinking beyond the pill.

Carl M.


Submitted 08/24/20

When you’re choosing a clinic for such an important procedure I would strongly advise MindPeace clinic. As a patient of several ketamine clinics which either closed or merged, MindPeace clinic is by far the most professional service available. Dr Oliver is an emergency room physician so you know you are in the best hands possible and his nursing staff is exceptional. You are throughly monitored throughout the process and the nurses is in the room with out at all times. Beware because other clinics do not necessarily have these high standards

Jack L.


Submitted 08/20/20

Dr. Oliver provided me with a service that saved my life. There is no doubt about it. For the past fifteen years or so I have taken dozens of medications for my mental health. None of them were anywhere close to the effectiveness of the Ketamine treatments. I received my first treatment during the depths of a major depressive episode. After that one treatment I started to feel better within a few hours! The rest of the ketamine infusions ( I had a total of 7) completely pulled me out of one of the worst episodes of my life. This all occurred over the course of about two weeks. His doctors and nurses are unmatched in regards to professionalism and bedside manner. The scheduling and payment departments are the best I have ever dealt with. Everyone at MindPeace clinics really are there to help. If you take the help which they offer, your quality of life WILL improve.

John T.


Submitted 08/18/20

I've suffered from migraines ever since I was 2 years old (as many as 2-3 a week.) I had seen specialist after specialist and tried every treatment in the book. Nothing made even the slightest difference. Since my first treatment session with Dr Oliver, I have not had a single migraine in over 7 months. It has been nothing short of life changing. I can't recommend Dr. Oliver highly enough. My only regret is not having seen him sooner.

Carl M.


Submitted 08/18/20

The absolute best possible experience you will have for ketamine infusions. Professional in all aspects of the process with the best monitoring available for a safe secure experience



Submitted 03/02/20

Doctor Oliver is the most compassionate person I've ever met. I fell to pieces telling my story and how my life has been affected. He would stop and correct me when I believed I was responsible for my imajor depression. My ketamine infusion started turning my life around immediately. It was unbelievable. I've been on every medication you can name and through ECT as well. No one but Doctor Oliver, his fantastic assistant Sarah and the treatment of course has ever brought me back to who I was before I ever became depressed. My friends and family are overjoyed having the real me back and for myself it's truly a miracle. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're at the end of your rope as I was, don't give up until you go to Mind Peace.

Kelly C.


Submitted 05/02/19

After 40 years of unsuccessfully trying multiple depression medications that didn’t work - for the first time in decades, I feel like myself again, alive with a new lightness. I feel both mentally and physically lighter! Ketamine infusions have lifted my lifelong, difficult to treat chronic depression. My ONLY regret is I that I’ve lost half my life to depression. I wish Ketamine infusion treatments were available 40 years ago.

Brent M.


"Dr. Oliver and the nurses were very caring and supportive through the whole process. Made me feel very comfortable with what was going to happen, and so far, the results have been really good!"

Carl M.


"MindPeace Clinic will give your mind the peace you are seeking."

Cindy L.


“You know you are ready to move forward with Ketamine, when the pain of staying where you are, outweighs the fear of trying it. It didn’t just give me my life back, I feel like a metamorphosis took place. I’m NEW and IMPROVED. I am out of the “cocoon” of depression, having emerged with “wings”. Thank you Dr.Oliver.”

Jami B.


"Finding Dr. Oliver's practice was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was so depressed, anxious and in such a mental slump I couldn't even function. Dr. Oliver has helped me to find my footing and with the infusions I have been able to reclaim my life again not just for me but for my family as well. It's made an incredible difference where other methods have failed. I would recommend him to anyone! He and his staff are by far the most caring group of people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. Thanks Dr. Oliver!!"

John G.


"Finding MindPeace Clinic was truly a life changing event."

Kevin H.


"Fantastic Place! The Dr is Top Notch!"

Patti R.


"Dr. Oliver has a great "bedside manner", and provides such wonderful, compassionate care."

Sarah E.


"Dr. Oliver and his staff are wonderful- they are concerned, they are kind. They genuinely want to see your health improve. Dr. Oliver utilizes mood monitoring software and works closely with your Mental/Behavioral health team in a palpable effort to get the most success out of your treatment as realistically possible. He truly believes in the science, research and results this therapy has shown and can show. He's up front with you, he makes sure you are informed. If you have a question, he and his staff would like you to ask it. His shared office space is quiet, relaxing, and there is a nurse present during the entire treatment, monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate.

I highly recommend his practice to anyone suffering from a refractory condition that traditional meds aren’t helping."


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