Becoming a Patient

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MindPeace patient. We know it was a long and challenging journey to get here. We have made the intake process as smooth as possible. The first step for all new patients begins with an Initial Medical Evaluation. Once this is completed and you are recommended for ketamine therapy, we will schedule your appointment series.

Initial Medical Evaluation

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For all new MindPeace Patients, the first appointment is an Initial Medical Evaluation.  We work to ensure we are providing you with the best possible medical care, and these appointments allow our attending physicians to meet with each patient individually. The following are included in, or done before, your Initial Medical Evaluation with one of our physicians:

– Reviewing your medical and psychiatric history and a physical examination to ensure you are a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy. 

– Recording a baseline, and begin monitoring your mood electronically, using internet and mobile phone based system. 

– Explaining our process and what you can expect from ketamine infusions, including the infusion protocol the physician recommends. 

– Reviewing your urine and blood work to ensure no other causes exist for your symptoms that a different course of treatment may resolve. 

– Consulting with your current primary and mental health providers on an as needed basis so we can effectively coordinate your care. 

Initial Infusion Series

After the initial medical evaluation and the physician has reviewed your lab work and medical history, a series of at least six infusions will be scheduled for you within a 2-3 week window. Our patients see the best results from this treatment when their initial six infusions are completed in a 21-day window. At the beginning of each appointment, the attending physician will be there to supervise care and speak with you. The success of Ketamine comes from the body’s reaction to it, which is why treatments are typically given intravenously (IV), as this maximizes the effect of the medication.

Our infusions are augmented with other medications to provide the most pleasant experience possible, including medicines for nausea and anxiety. We continually monitor blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, and oxygen saturation throughout the infusion and recovery period. A compassionate and experienced Registered Nurse provides care throughout the infusion and recovery period, along with the attending physician, who is on-site for the entire infusion. We strive to provide a quiet, comfortable setting with a reclining chair and dimmable lights. We have noise machines and noise-canceling headphones available upon request. Please note that this is a medical procedure using anesthesia, so you need transportation home from your appointment.  provide the most pleasant experience possible, including medicines for nausea and anxiety. 


Booster Infusions

It’s our goal to help you maintain the remission of your symptoms for as long as possible after the completion of the initial series of infusions. 

To do this, we provide the option to monitor your mood via daily text message remotely, and we send periodic clinic surveys that help us more comprehensively monitor your mood and pain levels. Maintenance “booster” infusions are offered as needed and by the physician’s recommendation. Even when treatment has been successful, patients will occasionally experience “down” days. We recommend that when patients experience more than 3 of these days in a row, they call the clinic to schedule a booster appointment. 

Booster infusions are administered following the same procedure as the initial infusions. As with all appointments, the physician will be there to supervise care and speak with the patient. The Registered Nurse provides care throughout the infusion and the recovery period. Despite being in booster infusions, you will still need transportation home from your appointment.