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Eight percent of all adults have PTSD at some point during their lifetime, causing significant anxiety and other symptoms that interfere with daily life. The recurring symptoms of PTSD are associated with a high rate of disability, making it hard to hold down a job or have a social life. An estimated 33% of PTSD patients don’t improve with conventional treatments. MindPeace Clinics offer the option of ketamine infusion therapy for patients with persistent PTSD symptoms.
MindPeace Clinics specialize in ketamine infusion therapy for patients with PTSD. Ketamine can quickly relieve your symptoms, even when conservative treatments fail to help. To learn if you’re a good candidate for ketamine therapy to treat PTSD, call MindPeace Clinics, or book an appointment online.

How does ketamine infusion therapy treat PTSD?

Ketamine normalizes levels of a brain chemical called glutamate that regulates the stress and anxiety caused by PTSD. The type of ongoing stress caused by PTSD leads to impaired nerve communication. Ketamine can repair that problem which helps relieve your symptoms.

Mental health professionals often prescribe medications to treat the symptoms, like depression, associated with PTSD. You may also receive psychotherapy to help you deal with your memories and emotions.

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What should I expect during ketamine therapy?

We administer ketamine therapy in the office using an intravenous (IV) infusion. You can relax during the infusion while our team continuously monitors your heart rate and blood pressure.
To achieve optimal results, you need a series of sessions, typically six infusions, over two to three weeks. You may need occasional maintenance sessions, depending on how long your results last.
If you need help with PTSD, or have more questions, call MindPeace Clinics, or schedule an initial consultation online.