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Nearly one in five people in the United States will suffer from Chronic Pain, and of those almost 10% suffer from pain that interferes with their daily activity.  Chronic pain has a longstanding reputation for being difficult to treat. Chronic pain lasts at least 12 weeks or persists long after the injury heals. No matter how it feels, ongoing pain drains your energy, interferes with your ability to sleep, and often leads to depression.

MindPeace Clinics offer ketamine infusion therapy that’s individualized to meet the severity of your neuronal based chronic pain condition. We treat patients with CPRS, RSD, and Fibromyalgia patients helping them to achieve significant pain relief. If you need relief from the pain, call MindPeace Clinics, or book an appointment online.

How does ketamine treat chronic pain?

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication used during surgery at high doses, but at moderate dosages, it can cause neuroplasticity.  This causes the growth of new dendritic spines in the brain that allow the nerves to communicate amongst themselves and repair any damaged connections amongst the nerves .

Ketamine works through a multitude of pathways in your brain, and interacts with a variety of receptors on the nerve cells. The medication activates opioid receptors, as well as NMDA receptors, which help regulate pain pathways.  This combination often provides relief when other more conventional treatments have failed.

How do I obtain ketamine treatment for anxiety?

Before receiving ketamine, you need to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Oliver. During your first appointment, he performs a thorough psychiatric review and physical examination. He also explains the ketamine infusion process and reviews your lab work.
If Dr. Oliver determines you’re a good candidate for ketamine, he schedules a series of six infusions. You receive one infusion every other day for two to three weeks.

What should I expect during ketamine therapy?

We administer ketamine using intravenous (IV) infusions. During your infusion, our medical team monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, while you relax in a comfortable, reclining chair.
The infusion takes 40 minutes, but your total session lasts about 90 minutes. Many patients notice an improvement in their symptoms after one treatment. However, a series of six infusions over a few weeks produces longer-lasting results.
To learn if ketamine is a good treatment option for your anxiety, call MindPeace Clinics, or book an appointment online.