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Migraines cause intense, debilitating pain that can last up to three days. If you suffer from migraines or your migraines haven’t improved with conventional medications, ketamine infusion therapy may be the solution you need. MindPeace Clinics specialize in ketamine therapy, helping patients find relief from their migraines. If you need treatment for migraines, call MindPeace Clinic, or book an appointment online.

How does ketamine relieve migraines?

In your brain, ketamine interacts with opioid receptors, which reduces your migraine pain. The medication further relieves pain by affecting NMDA receptors that regulate pain pathways.

How can I get ketamine infusion therapy for my migraines?

If you suffer from ongoing migraines that aren’t relieved with conventional treatments, you only need to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Oliver to learn if you’re a good candidate for ketamine infusion therapy.

Dr. Oliver carefully evaluates your medical history and performs a physical examination to be sure ketamine is the best option for your migraines.
If you and Dr. Oliver decide to move forward with ketamine therapy, you will have a series of treatments over the course of several weeks, a protocol that produces longer-lasting results. Your treatments are performed in the office while you relax in a comfortable reclining chair.
You can get safe and effective migraine relief with ketamine infusion therapy at MindPeace Clinics. Call MindPeace Clinics, or book an appointment online.